Pepper Flavoured Cashew Butter

Organic Cashews Stone Ground To A Creamy Paste With Pepper Seasoning

Description: Organic cashews pieces have been mildly roasted and then stone ground for a considerable period to give you creamy organic cashew butter. We then added some of our popular pepper seasoning to give you a unique nut butter spread which packs a peppery punch.

Our Suggestions For Ideal Usage: Scoop up a generous helping to add on toast, to thicken your gravies, to add to soups, salad dressing, wraps, rolls, or just enjoy a spoonful as is.

Storage And Use: Do not refrigerate. Store in a cool, dry place. Use a dry and clean spoon/knife for every use. Oil separation is natural in any nut butter. Stir the butter to blend the oil and get a smoother, creamier spread.





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