Organic Cashew Bits

Organic cashew kernels broken into small pieces or bits

Description: These are organic cashew nuts that have naturally broken down into small pieces or ‘baby bits’ during processing. Cashew bits are primarily used for powdering and as ingredients in cooking, baking and also as toppings. 

Our Suggestions For Ideal Usage: Make cashew milk or paste and use them for a variety of dishes. The paste can also be used as an ingredient for marination of meat, tofu, paneer etc. They are ideal for using as ingredients in baking, and can be used as toppings for desserts, breakfast cereals, oats, ice creams and more. By grinding them you can thicken soups, gravies, smoothies and sauces. Cashews are extremely vegan friendly and can be used to make many dairy free versions of crowd favourites and are prime ingredients for vegan versions of dairy products.

Nutritional Value: All cashew nuts, regardless of their grade and size, have multiple nutritional benefits. These nuts are amazing as healthy snacking options. Cashew nuts are nutrition-packed and a great source of heart-healthy fats and plant based protein. Cashews are also rich in fibre, low in sugar and have zero cholesterol. They are also a great source of manganese, magnesium and copper. The nutrients in cashew nuts are beneficial for immunity, brain health, bone health and for energy. Organic cashew nuts are even better for health as they are grown and harvested without any chemicals or pesticides.

Once opened, store in an airtight container.





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Cathy Francis

A time-saving product, for sure! I used it in baking, all I had to do was measure out the required amount of nuts instead of chopping the halves by hand.


I’m a returning customer, have searched a lot of websites and tried many of them, but after going through the about section of achal and studying a lot about it on the internet, ordered one sample packet of cashews and was really taken away by the quality and shipping standards of achal.
The nuts are really tasty and with a good pricing standard for all to can afford. Keep up the quality and best wishes to entire team of achal.