Cashew export from India
Cashew export from India

Over 25 Years Of Experience In Organic Cashew Export

Achal Group has been exporting cashew kernels since June 1984, with our first consignment going to New York, USA. Our flagship AchalOrg organic project was conceived in 1996 and since then we have been exporting certified organic kernels to countries like Switzerland, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

To ensure complete traceability and to maintain the highest standards of organic certifications, regular inspections and audits are held at both farm and factory level through IMO Control Private Ltd (IMO India) and we hold organic certifications such as the EU, NPOP, JAS, KOR and BioSuisse. We are equipped to export to any country who require these certifications for their organic cashew import.

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Certifications can be provided upon request

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