About Achal Cashew

About Us

  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project
  • Achal Organic Cashew Project

Our Story

AchalOrg is our passion project, established in 1996. The project has been growing since then and supports local Indian cashew farmers and encourages sustainable farming practices. We celebrated 25 years in 2021 and we thought it was the perfect time to supply the best quality, certified organic, 100% Indian cashew nuts to cashew lovers from all across India through this platform. By supporting this project, you are making a conscious choice towards sustainability, environmental development, and local farmer community development.

Cashew kernel and seed formation
Achal Cashews Private Limited cashew factory
Ripe cashew apple with seed
Whole cashew grades
Cashew factory aerial view

Our Farmers

We know that it is hard for you, as consumers, to know where your food truly comes from. With AchalOrg certified organic cashews you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our cashews are 100% certified organic and sourced directly from our own network of 6000+ farmers from the regions of Goa and Maharashtra. These farmers are dedicated to our organic cashew project. The freedom of association between Achal and its farmers has always been respected and the dedication by both has never been compromised. This is due to the relationship that Achal has with its farmers, along with the fair price and premium that Achal pays to the farmers directly. Apart from the monetary benefits, Achal continues to provide necessary farm aids, training, and guidance to these farmers from time to time. If you are interested, we can even arrange for you to visit our project sites and meet some of our farmers personally.

Goan cashew farmers
Goan cashew farmers
Goan cashew farmers
Goan cashew farmers
Harvested cashew apple with seed

Our Process

After direct procurement of certified organic raw cashew nuts from our farmers, the cashews are then processed and packed with the highest standards of quality and hygiene at two of our own cashew manufacturing units located in Mangalore and Turkewadi where we have been manufacturing quality cashew kernels since 1981 and 1983, respectively. Our manufacturing units are certified ISO 22000 by DNV Netherlands, a renowned certifying agency, thus ensuring we have a quality food safety management system (FSMS) in place. From procurement to processing to packing, we do it all ourselves. You now know exactly where your organic cashews come from - directly from the farm to your table - handled completely by veterans who have been in this business for over 40 years.

Cashew packing and storage
Cashew grading
Cashew processing
Raw cashew nut roasting cookers
Organic cashew drying
Cashew inspection

Our Organic Certifications

To ensure complete traceability and to maintain the highest standards of organic certifications, regular inspections and audits are held at both farm and factory level through IMO Control Private Ltd (IMO India) and we hold organic certifications such as the EU, NPOP, Korea, JAS, and BioSuisse. The AchalOrg project has been exporting since 1996 and since then our organic certified cashews have found their way to Japan, Korea and several countries in Europe like Switzerland and Germany. Our organic certifications are available on request for anyone who wishes to see them, ensuring complete transparency.

Japan organic certification logo
India NPOP organic certification logo
Control body certification logo
European Union organic certification logo
Korean organic certification logo
Swiss organic certification logo

Our Social And Community Projects

Our organic project is more than just the business of cashew nuts. Achal is equally proud of its community and environmental projects as it is of producing the best quality Indian cashew nuts. Achal has developed an innate goodwill with the farmers and villages that supply organic raw cashew nuts in a wide spread geography of Goa and Maharashtra. It’s this valued relationship that drives goodwill with the farmers and caters to the genuine nature of any project we develop in these regions. In the rural regions in Mangalore and Maharashtra, Achal has made a difference to every single person associated with it, directly or indirectly by providing employment or opportunities for developing skills in the region.

Environmentally, Achal has been encouraging farmers to grow cashew saplings and has also been distributing a good variety of grafts suitable for the region. This is provided to the farmers of various surrounding villages without any cost, hence making a difference to social, environmental and economic sectors of the society. We also encourage children in local schools at our project areas to learn more about organic food, the environment and the value of sustainable and healthy farming practices.

Achal cashew social and community projects
Achal cashew social and community projects
Achal cashew social and community projects
Achal cashew social and community projects
Achal cashew social and community projects

Our Group Of Companies

The AchalOrg organic project is a part of the Achal Group of companies. Under this group, we have two manufacturing units, as was mentioned earlier. Achal Industries Private Limited is our manufacturing unit in Mangalore, Karnataka while Achal Cashews Private Limited is our manufacturing unit in Turkewadi, Maharashtra. These units also process non-organic cashew nuts separately. Achal Farm Products Private Limited and Achal Primenuts Private Limited operate retail stores in Mangalore and Bangalore, respectively, where apart from cashews, you can also buy non-organic premium dry fruits, spices and value added products such as flavoured cashews, kaju katli and more. The latest addition to this group is Anaya Achal, the marketing and sales company for the Achal Group which is proud to bring you this website selling our best quality organic cashew nuts, a variety of flavoured dry roasted cashews as well as cashew butter.

The Achal Group is a family-run group of companies. Founded in 1981 by the father-son duo of Late Sri Sadananda Prabhu and his son, G Giridhar Prabhu, the companies are now run by members of the family with Mr Giridhar Prabhu at the helm.

Now that you know us pretty well, how about we get to know you? Do write to us at customercare@anayabyachal.com.

And since you’ve stayed with us till this point, why not try some of our delicious organic cashews? You don’t have to take our word for it, buy it, try it, love it, and come back for more, okay?

Administrative Address

Achal Group Of Industries
190, Industrial Area, Baikampady,
Mangalore - 575011,
Karnataka, India

Manufacturing Units

Achal Cashews Pvt Ltd
Achal Nagar, 406/2, Tilari Dam Road,
Turkewadi - 416507, Kolhapur District,
Maharashtra, India

Achal Industries Pvt Ltd
207, Industrial Area, Baikampady,
Mangaluru - 575 011,
Karnataka, India

Retail Stores

Phalguni Cashew Centre
Shop No. 4, Hotel Roopa Building,
Balmatta Road, Mangaluru 575 001,
Karnataka, India

Phalguni Urwa
"Aura" The Place,
Chilimbi, Kulur Ferry Road,
Mangaluru - 575 006,
Karnataka, India

Phalguni Udupi
Mandavi Trade Centre, Udupi-Manipal Road,
Kunjibettu, Kadiyali,
Udupi - 576102,
Karnataka, India

Achal Cashews Center
Sunkada Chikkanna Complex,
Next to Hotel Maurya, Race Course Road,
Gandhinagara, Bengaluru - 560 009,
Karnataka, India