Organic Cashew Nuts XXL (180)

The next big thing from our range of premium organic cashew nuts

Description: Our second-highest grade of organic cashew nuts in terms of size and finish, these delectable nuts make for a highly desirable item. Just as exclusive and premium as our XXXL range, the XXL organic cashew nuts, known as grade 180 in the cashew industry, make a great addition to your pantry or for gifting with their considerably large size, smooth finish, delectable natural sweetness and lovely ivory colour. 

Our Suggestions For Ideal Usage: Whip it out during parties, for festivities or special occasions or a cosy get together. It is ideal as a direct snack and can also be added to salads and premium dishes such as biryani and rich gravies. 

Nutritional Value: All cashew nuts, regardless of their grade and size, have multiple nutritional benefits. These nuts are amazing as healthy snacking options. Cashew nuts are nutrition-packed and a great source of heart-healthy fats and plant based protein. Cashews are also rich in fibre, low in sugar and have zero cholesterol. They are also a great source of manganese, magnesium and copper. The nutrients in cashew nuts are beneficial for immunity, brain health, bone health and for energy. Organic cashew nuts are even better for health as they are grown and harvested without any chemicals or pesticides.

Once opened, store in an airtight container. Also available in a dry roasted and salted version.





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Aparokshananda Saraswati

The Cashew is of very good quality and am satisfied with the product