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15 Amazing Ways To Include Cashews In Your Daily Diet

22nd November 2021

Cashews have a lot of myths surrounding them. When it comes to health, while cashews have numerous benefits, these benefits are not as much in the limelight. Cashews also get a certain amount of negativity with relation to their nutritional benefits. So, we would like to dispel these myths with some facts about cashews and why it is beneficial to include them in your diet in a moderate amount.

Cashews Have Zero Cholesterol

Cashew nuts get a bad reputation for having cholesterol or increasing cholesterol levels. But did you know that cashews in fact have zero cholesterol? That’s right, cashews have absolutely no cholesterol in them. This has been verified by accredited laboratories. For AchalOrg products you can see it in the nutrition labels as well.

Cashew Is Not As Fatty As One Might Think

Like any nut, cashews also have a certain percentage of fat. But did you know that the saturated fat in cashew is from stearic acid? It’s a fatty acid thought to have a neutral effect on blood cholesterol.

Research Says It All

A research published by Harvard Health showed that volunteers who added an ounce or two of cashews in their diet for four weeks dropped harmful LDL cholesterol levels by 5% compared to a control diet without cashew. An ounce of cashew contains about 18 medium sized nuts. 15-18 cashew nuts a day is the average amount that can be consumed to get some great benefits. 

Cashews Have Several Nutritional Benefits

Cashew nuts actually have multiple other nutritional benefits. These nuts are amazing as healthy snacking options. Cashew nuts are nutrition-packed and a great source of heart-healthy fats and plant based protein. Apart from being zero cholesterol, cashews are also rich in fibre and low in sugar. They are also a great source of manganese, magnesium and copper. The nutrients in cashew nuts are beneficial for immunity, brain health, bone health and for energy. Organic cashew nuts are even better for health as they are grown and harvested without any chemicals or pesticides. 

Different sizes of top 5 whole cashew grades

Here’s How You Can Add Cashew Nuts To Your Daily Intake In Several Amazing Ways!

  1. Add a few cashews to your morning breakfast cereal, oats, or upma. Whether you choose to use pieces or whole cashews, you can’t really go wrong, and we have a whole range of cashew pieces and whole cashews for you to choose from.

  2. Create energy bars or energy balls with a handful of dry fruits, make sure you include the king of dry fruits - the cashew nut. 

  3. Add a few cashews to your smoothie or milkshake. Make it creamier, richer, sweeter and more filling. 

  4. Grind a few cashews along with your chutney to make it creamy, smooth and oh so irresistible. When someone asks you why your chutney is so different from everything else, just wink and say it’s your secret ingredient ;)

  5. Toast a few cashew pieces and add it to your ice cream bowl for a toasted, nutty crunch. Trust us, it takes your sundae game to a whole new level. Our mix pieces or four pieces are the perfect size for this.

  6. Add a few cashew pieces to your gravy base and give it a grind to make your gravies get a smooth, creamy texture and sheen like nothing else. Our cashew bits are the easiest to use for this purpose.

  7. Skip the corn flour and add a bit of ground cashew to make your soups thicker and richer. 

  8. Indulge your sweet tooth by making your favourite halwa and garnish it with a few pieces of cashew. Garnish your favourite Indian desserts with our cashew splits.

  9. Eat them plain! A few cashews in the morning are a great energy booster and not to mention a whole bunch of other nutritional goodness. Try our range of whole cashews. 

  10. Did you know that cashew can be used to help you sleep better? Yes, and it has been vetted by a celebrity nutritionist. Here’s how cashew can help you with sleep. 

  11. Feel like your salad is missing something? Add a few cashews to your salad to give it a crunch factor. Doesn’t matter what the salad is, the great part about cashew is that it goes with anything. 

  12. For those who like their evening drinks and parties, cashews make for amazing chakna. As we like to say, “don’t settle for peanuts, aim for cashew nuts” ;). Our range of organic dry roasted cashews have that perfect salty crunch for such occasions.

  13. Dry roasted cashews are in general excellent for snacking on when your favourite Netflix show is on or you have guests over and no time to prepare anything. Our dry roasted cashews have no oil or added sugar, just lightly salted, golden roasted goodness, fresh out of the oven and made to order.

    Top 5 grades of dry roasted and salted cashews

  14. A few cashews after your workout is an amazing way to get some plant-based protein. They also help satiate hunger easily and stop you from reaching out for more unhealthy snacks.

  15. Finish off your stir fries with a handful of cashews - it’s a great way to add this nut in your daily diet. 

As an added bonus, cashew nuts are also more environmentally friendly and sustainable nuts, as cashew trees grow with minimum care, require very little water and maintenance and new trees start yielding fruit within three years. Cashew trees also do not cause any destruction to soil, air, animals or water. Organic cashews are even more nutritious and environmentally friendly as they are grown without any chemicals or pesticides. Add some organic cashews to your daily diet today!

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